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Second Montreal Spring School in Graph Theory
McGill University, Montreal
June 11 - July 6, 2012


  • Louigi Addario-Berry

    Department of Mathematics and Statistics, McGill University Montreal, Quebec

    Louigi Addario-Berry gave a plenary lecture at SPA 2011. He has lectured courses on random walks at the 2011 British probability workshop in Oxford, and the Young European Probabilists meeting 2009 in Eindhoven.

  • Bruce Reed

    School of Computer Science, McGill University, Montreal, Quebec

    Bruce Reed is currently the Canada Research Chair in the Combinatorics of Complex Networks at McGill University. He gave an invited lecture at the 2002 ICM surveying graph colouring via the probabilistic method. He is coauthor of the research monograph Graph Colouring and The Probabilistic Method which also surveys the topic.

  • 2012 SMS

    The second half of the Summer School will feature talks from the following speakers:

    Nikhil Bansal: Low discrepancy colorings and semidefinite programming - 7.5 hours.
    Hamed Hatami: Influences and sharp thresholds - 3 hours.
    Penny Haxell: A topology-free topological method - 3 hours.
    James Lee: Cover times and Gaussian measures - 3 hours.
    Colin McDiarmid: Colouring random graphs - 3 hours.
    Yuval Peres: Markov chain mixing times and related topics - 3 hours.
    Alex Scott: Cliques, colourings and discrepancy - 7.5 hours.
    Perla Sousi: Markov chain mixing times: bounds and asymptotics - 3 hours.
    Prasad Tetali: Geometric and Functional Analysis on Discrete Spaces - 3 hours.
    Eric Vigoda: Markov chains for graph colouring - 3 hours.
    Peter Winkler: Random walk on a graph - 7.5 hours.